EMI experiments with DRM-free MP3 releases

EMI experiments with DRM-free MP3 releases

Major labels may be willing to loosen their demand for digital rights management on online music sales, a report explains.

According to Associated Press, some major labels are beginning to make small numbers of releases available in the unrestricted MP3 format.

As the report says, the releases are part of an experiment to test what demand exists for MP3s, which can be played on any player of computer platform, including iPods.

EMI is first to make the plunge, making releases from Lily Allen, Norah Jones and Relient K available as MP3s via Yahoo’s music download site.


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  1. zakena

    what a joke this list feels like the author just listed his favorites without doing proper research.
    there is a bunch of better f2ps Tf2 yes i agree but the rest is just utter crap.

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