It's Holiday Sale Time on the XBox Live Marketplace!

It’s Holiday Sale Time on the XBox Live Marketplace!

XBox Live Marketplace has started their Holiday sale, running through the rest of December to the New Year, with both persistent deals and daily-updated sales on specific items.

Most gamers are used to digital gaming services offering sales for special occasions and not-so-special occasions.  The only digital service that doesn’t at least occasionally offer special sales based on holidays or their own random whims would be EA’s Origin, and the announcement of such was sufficiently different (and greedy depending on who you ask) to actually be a news-worthy announcement when it was made.

Christmas is certainly a good excuse to put on a sale, what with the festive mood and people grabbing gifts everywhere, and Microsoft is no stranger to consumerism.  XBox Live Marketplace is starting its Holiday bargains with sales on 29 different games and add-ons to games that will run the full length of the sale, including Plants vs. Zombies, Jet Set Radio, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

As a bonus, the Marketplace will also be running daily deals over the course of the full timeframe until the New Year, so be sure to check back and see what you can blow your cash on.



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