PlayStation Plus has (almost) 21 million subscribers

PlayStation Plus has (almost) 21 million subscribers

At Sony’s IR Day today, executive vice president Andrew House revealed that approximately 20.8 million users subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

Further analysis breaks down the success of the PS Plus program, and of the PS4 in relation to its predecessors. Sony officially broke 40 million PS4s sold back in May, putting the console in above the PS3 and below PS1 in terms of total units sold. PS2 continues to smile and wave from its lofty perch in the clouds, but Sony hopes PS4 will catch up sooner rather than later.

Breaking down console sales unearthed another interesting factoid. As Sony has sold 40 million PS4 systems, and over 20 million of those users subscribe to PS Plus, roughly half of all owners subscribe to the service.



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