Patch for FIFA 12 console version arriving next 2-3 days

Patch for FIFA 12 console version arriving next 2-3 days

EA Sports just introduced that the patch for console form of FIFA 12 is going to be launched in 2 to 3 days time, and it’ll introduce “big corrections” towards the game.

FIFA 12 screenshot

This news was confirmed by community manager Romily Broad around the latest FIFA 12 podcast. Romily stated, “2 or 3 days from the first patch may happen and that will make big corrections with a of what are bothering people probably the most,Inch

“We are likely to be carrying this out constantly, with this thumbs in the center of the city looking to get individuals to inform us the things they think, after which i will be functioning on it for that relaxation of year.

“This is a commitment we are certainly making. It might be nice if people came and spoken to all of us about things that are bothering them, because we will be listening.”



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  1. alphaX

    when will there be more keys

  2. Aliaksei

    I will win a Dota 2 Steam code because i want to win and i have no luck in such giveaways

  3. Leon Kennedy

    I want a Royal Quest DLC Pack because… it offe1 integration with Aeria Ignite, which is super-easy for me.

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