Mac OS 9 junk-traffic patch posted

Mac OS 9 junk-traffic patch posted

Apple has developed a Mac OS 9 patch called OT Tuner1.0, to thwart hackers from bombarding OS 9 users with junk traffic.

The pre-patch Mac OS 9 can be abused by intruders, who can generate large volumes of traffic directed at a victim, in response to a small amount of traffic produced by an intruder.

The patch switches off an option in Open Transport 2.5.x which may cause a Mac to respond to certain small network packets with a large Internet ControlMessage Protocol (ICMP) packet. It also prevents Mac OS 9 systems causing denial-of-service issues.


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  1. GroovyLord

    I proudly waited pe1onally from 99 to 2011 for Duke Nukem Forever (and it was worth it by the way tyia joke1), I can’t believe people would find these mild delays a problem.

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