PS3 3.41 firmware causes HDD Issues

PS3 3.41 firmware causes HDD Issues

Sony has released a new PlayStation 3 firmware and it seems that the version 3.41 has created discomfort for some users due to an error.

After confirming the upgrade of the console and downloading the new 3.41 firmware, some users reported that they appeared the message “No applicable data”.

But, according to company officials, the problem might be not so much on the new software and the console’s hard drive.

By changing the hard drive installation, the console would remain idle, and therefore recommends upgrading the hard disk before and once done, repeat the process on the new hard disk.


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  1. Dac2142

    You can’t do that, because of how all the simulation of physics, time, and other game-play features are calculated. By lowering the frame-rate you would be losing a lot more than just visual fidelity.

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