Prey for the Gods reveal trailer | Prey for the Gods

Prey for the Gods reveal trailer | Prey for the Gods


Prey for the Gods looks to be the next Shadow of the Colossus.

Are you a fan of Shadow of the Colossus? If you answered yes, keep reading. If you answered no, keep reading anyway.

Three-developer team, No Matter Studios, is out on a quest to make a game of colossal proportions. No pun intended…well maybe a little. Enter Prey for the Gods, a game described by the developers as:

…a brutal journey set on a desolate frozen island, where your only chance of survival is to destroy the very gods you believe in.

This game looks beautiful.

Well that sounds awesome. In the game, you’ll play a lone hero sent out to what seems like a dystopian snowpocalypse to a stop to the never-ending winter. (No, I’m not describing the plot of Frozen.) The reveal trailer shows an amazing world covered in snow with stunning visuals. It’s hard to believe this game is being made by only three developers. But it’s not the sleek visuals you’ll be raving about, but the colossal beasts you will be facing in the game.

Well hey there, good lookin. 😉 

The trailers shows a massive snow monster that will send shivers down your spine. Other than the plot and the reveal trailer, nothing is else is known about this game besides the release platforms, Windows and Mac. Stay posted here on GameSkinny for more information on Prey for the Gods.


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