Spotify for iPad arrives at last

Spotify for iPad arrives at last

Spotify, the popular music-streaming service, has arrived on the iPad, almost three years after its iPhone counterpart launched in 2009.

The app features high-resolution graphics for the new iPad’s Retina display, and has a new ‘Now Playing’ full-screen view with high-definition cover art.

Spotify claims that it is much easier to browse and explore the song catalogue, which features 18 million songs. You can now search for playlists, users and music from the same view, and see what songs and playlists are trending.

The iPad app also has AirPlay integration, for wireless streaming to AirPlay compatible speakers.

The update also adds gapless playback and cross fading, and fixes some minor bugs. Click here to download the Spotify app from iTunes.

Singer-Songwriter Labrinth said: “My iPad’s always with me on the road so being able to access whatever music I’m feeling right at that moment – either classic or fresh tracks – and then share those with my fans is a big deal. As an artist I love the way my music is presented so slickly. Artwork is really important to me, and in Spotify’s iPad app it’s like it’s popping off the screen.”

Watch Labrinth trying out Spotify for iPad in this video.

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  1. MEKM

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