Hearthstone 3.0 update prepares for the Grand Tournament

Hearthstone 3.0 update prepares for the Grand Tournament

While Hearthstone fans continue to prepare for the Grand Tournament, the new expansion’s drop now appears to be imminent. Speculation has been that it would hit on August 24 and now it’s looking like that’s more of a possibility. Blizzard has dropped the game’s 3.0 patch today, which will prepare it for the expansion’s eventual arrival.

The Battle.net post also details some other new additions and adjustments. Most notably, the Daily Quests will now include goals for winning games in Tavern Brawl mode. On top of that, Tavern Brawl victories will now count towards earning the Heroes of the Storm mount that gets unlocked after reaching 100 victories in Hearthstone’s ‘Play Now’ modes. And of course, Blizzard is adding the new bonus chests that will be rewarded for a player’s Ranked Play position at the end of each month.

The first chance to check out the Grand Tournament cards will come with tomorrow’s Tavern Brawl. For more on the Grand Tournament, be sure to keep up with our continuing Inspired series of breakdowns.


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