Apple iOS 4.1 released today

Apple iOS 4.1 released today

Apple has says the the new ios 4.1 update is going to be released today.

For any brief time over the past weekend, the business’s U.K. site mentioned the update, which Chief executive officer Jobs stated could be launched now , could be available Wednesday, 8 September.

The website was rapidly modified to exhibit a notice saying that the download was “Not far off,Inch exactly the same message that’s been published on Apple’s U.S. site since Jobs introduced the operating-system upgrade and touted its additional features a week ago.

Together with new functionality incorporated with the new ios 4.1 – varying from “high dynamic range” (HDR) photography that creates more detail in over- and under-uncovered areas, towards the launch of Apple’s Game Center multi-player online network – Jobs also guaranteed the update would fix a few of the bugs in the new ios 4. that customers happen to be whining about since that version’s June 21 debut.

Proprietors of older iPhones , especially 2008’s iPhone 3G, are wishing that the new ios 4.1 solves the slow-lower problems many have observed given that they upgraded this summer time.

Jobs listed “iPhone 3G performance bugs” a week ago as he ticked from the fixes to anticipate in the new ios 4.1.

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Based on , which took its on the job an unauthorised form of the new ios 4.1, the update outperformed the new ios 4. in informal tests, even though the speed enhancements were sometimes minor.

Unlike rival OS designers, for example Microsoft, Apple does not issue updates on the specific day. Apple launched the new ios 4. on the Monday, iOS 3.1 on the Wednesday, iOS 3. on the Wednesday, and iOS 2.2 on the Friday.

Leaked developer develops of the new ios 4.1 weigh among 308MB and 590MB, but it is unknown what size the development versions from the upgrade is going to be tomorrow.

Apple releases its mobile operating-system updates via iTunes. Customers will need to download the new ios 4.1 for their Mac or Home windows PC using iTunes, then sync their ipod device touches or iPhones towards the machine.



4 comments on “Apple iOS 4.1 released today”

  1. Matt Chapman

    Can’t believe they have framerate dips in a promotional trailer. Disgusting.

  2. CaptainCobra

    Slightly faster load times are great, but yeah, the item description aspect is the important thing here. It’s a game where reading item descriptio1 is critical but the game doesn’t tell new playe1 that. I remember in previous games, there were a couple i1tances were I figured out what to do next because the correct item description came up when I was stuck.

  3. Mad Martha

    I joined DDO not long after it had gone F2P, about 4 yea1 ago.
    I&1quo;m not in a position say whether F2P made it wo1e or better.
    What I can say is, that after leaving WoW I was *looking* for an F2P game though.
    As we know MMO&1quo;s are “slow burne1” and I felt I couldn&1quo;t fully know if I&1quo;d play a game long term after just 4 weeks of playing.
    Basically , I didn&1quo;t want to pay money for something I&1quo;d end up ditching.
    Tried many games, only 2 that have stuck with me since are DDO (I&1quo;m now subbed and play regularly) and for some strange masochistic reason RFOnline (presuming there&1quo;s serve1 up and running).

  4. guab

    Yup I think it&1quo; not game publishe1 but the games themselves that disappoint me! Awkward! Thank to Age of Wushu, we have a chance to touch its brand-new game design and mysterious oriental elements.

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