Apple updates AirPort Extreme

Apple updates AirPort Extreme

Apple has launched a place update to the Airport terminal motorists, taking these to version 3.1.1. The brand new version “provides enhanced Airport terminal wireless networking software,” based on the release, and it is suggested for those customers by having an Airport terminal Extreme enabled computer or perhaps an Airport terminal Extreme base station.

The brand new version includes Airport terminal Extreme base station firmware v5.1.1. Instructions for upgrading the bottom station firmware are available in Airport terminal Help.

The update is compliant using the final IEEE 802.11g specs for the Airport terminal Extreme base station and Airport terminal Extreme client. Additional additional features include Airport terminal Extreme base station and client support for Interference Sturdiness, which supplies enhanced performance when 2.4GHz products like cordless phones and wireless video distribution system cause significant interference using the Airport terminal network, simpler WDS setup inside the Airport terminal Admin Utility, and much more.

The 7.8MB file obtainable with the Software Update System Preference.



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