Handspring to visit public

Handspring to visit public

Handspring – the producer from the Visor handheld – has filed to visit public.

The organization, that was founded in 1998 by Palm’s co-founders Shaun Hawkins and D Dubinsky, filed an announcement of intent using the Investments and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday.

Handspring’s suggested dpo (IPO) follows those of its competitor Palm early recently.

Handspring’s Visor, in line with the Palm operating-system, was released in October 1999. It had been only offered from Handspring initially, but the organization has lately taken its steps into retail.

Shaun Hirschkorn of IPO.com stated inside a CNET story hat he predicted the business’s IPO could be more effective than Palm’s: “It is a more pure company without any solid parent to tie it together. It is a good VC deal, with higher backers, and it is a much better lengthy-term bet.”

However, Handspring needs to convince traders it has solved the issues it had with shipping and backorders right after the Visor’s launch, based on CNET. Additionally, it depends on the Palm operating-system, so it has licensed from Palm.


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