Google Glass to allow (something similar to) telekinesis

Google Glass to allow (something similar to) telekinesis

A brand new patent application for Google Glass would let the future specs to recognize and remotely control objects for example doors and refrigerators. On a single hands, this can be a natural evolution of technology, however if you simply take a step back, this patent is actually describing a piece-around type of telekinesis.

First highlighted inside a set of Engadget, the patent (boring deets here) allows Glass to acknowledge a manageable object via visual identification, RFID, Bluetooth, or perhaps QR codes. Once recognized, Glass would place an overlay within the user’s vision that will present all of them with options for example “open garage doors.Inch These wise objects connected via wireless or else enabled could then be controlled by Glass.

From what we have seen of Glass, customers will communicate with the unit mostly by vocal instructions. Based on the patent application, customers may also control objects with either vertical or horizontal mind nods that may be construed as “yes” or “no” or having a “gesture from the wearer’s finger toward the virtual control interface [that] might be construed like a ‘Yes.'” Furthermore, the patent also mentions the individual may “actuate a control button or communicate with a touch pad around the wearable computing device.”

While nothing in this particular patent application might seem like giant technological step forward from your contemporary standpoint, as a whole, this really is some Jean Gray kind of ability (along with some Geordie La Forge tossed in permanently measure). We are able to simply take a look at an item and produce it under our will with nothing more than a nod from the mind or swipe from the finger.

That’s some superhero stuff immediately.

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