343 Says Innovation Is Key to Halo Franchise | Halo Reach | Halo 4 | Halo 3 | Halo

343 Says Innovation Is Key to Halo Franchise | Halo Reach | Halo 4 | Halo 3 | Halo

Since 343 Industries has your belief, they would like to innovate the Halo franchise past the familiar.

Including Master Chief in Halo 4 Trailer might have stored fans along for that ride with the transition between Bungie and 343 Industries, but 343 really wants to expand the franchise past the long lasting protagonist (and also the FPS genre, for instance).

In conversation with Polygon, Halo 4 Trailer executive producer and person using the best name ever, Kiki Wolfkill stated that getting Master Chief to the experience in 343’s first shot in the franchise opened up the doorway to later risk.

When we did not take that right starting point, there’d be nothing after. When the worst factor that may be stated for all of us is [Halo 4 Trailer is] an excellent Halo game, it feels too safe, I would not say we’d be hyper-disappointed for the reason that. I’d say this is the right initial step for all of us.

Concentrating on other tales, Wolfkill states, could keep the Halo world “interesting.” But Master Chief will stay an undeniably critical area of the franchise’s path.

Wolfkill states that creating a repertoire using the audience also leads to exploring other genres that will suit the franchise’s tales:

We’ve began to flesh out broad strokes of the couple of different arcs which are interesting. There might be possibilities where exploring another game genre is sensible or exploring another straight line format is sensible. When the medium fits what you want to do, then we’ll certainly contemplate it … should there be a good idea we obtain energized around.

Even though the figures and genre may expand, it’s a part of the innovative tradition of Halo.

Innovation happens to be area of the Halo game support beams. That should continue.



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