Overwatch Halloween Update: What To Anticipate

Overwatch players are presently in the edges of the seats. The reason behind this is actually the chance of a Halloween event happening to Blizzard’s shooter soon. Blizzard continues to be pretty quiet about the presence of this kind of event, but following the Summer time Games event a couple of several weeks ago, a Halloween update doesn’t appear too much-fetched. Here’s what to anticipate in the Overwatch Halloween update.


Once the Summer time Games event happened in Overwatch, fans had the opportunity to collect a number of new cosmetics for his or her favorite heroes. We ought to expect exactly the same once the Overwatch Halloween update drops. The large listing of heroes in Overwatch reveals lots of options for Halloween-themed skins.

There were only a few heroes that were given an exclusive skin during the Summer Games, and it might be time for Blizzard to give new skins to the other heroes. Aside from that, players can expect a few more exclusive items from Overwatch’s next seasonal event.


When the Summer Games seasonal event launched in Overwatch, fans had the chance to play a very unique Brawl called Lucio Ball. In the mode,  players can’t kill each other, but they’ll have to score goals as Lucio. The mode is pretty much like Rocket League, but in Overwatch, it’s a completely different take on the competitive shooter.

There’s a chance that Blizzard might once again introduce a unique Brawl in the Overwatch Halloween update . The theme does open up a lot of possibilities even when it comes to game modes.

With the Halloween season drawing near, Blizzard might also be nearing the reveal of the next seasonal event in Overwatch. There’s a lot to be excited about in the possible seasonal event, and it could only be a matter of time before Blizzard updates the game.


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