Oculus Rift New Game: Landfall, Sci-Fi RTS

The Oculus Rift had helped raise the virtual reality encounters of numerous gamers and enthusiasts available. Now, there’s a brand new game being developed that promises a brand new experience as it requires the evolution of real-time strategy (RTS).

Landfall is the specific new game and it’ll be an RTS that’s for VR. This really is quite strange initially thinking about we are utilized to ogling the computer monitor basically we do rapid mouse clicking and mashing keyboard shortcuts when playing RTS games, which means this leaves fans wondering what farmville could be.

The sport promises multi-player warfare in interesting exotic battlefields. Players would use deadly and effective machines to overcome the area as well as their opponents. It may sound promising because it gives players an opportunity to view these battlefields in the top-lower as well as from the first-person POV mode.

It’s expected the player can switch between these modes once the game play requires more precision. The gamer can jump to POV mode to seize control of the unit to supply cover his team.


The developer from the game is Pressure Field. It’s a company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The organization employs 50 plus people who focus on VR and AR. They’ve experience of creating other VR and AR games. Pressure Field has additionally use companies to produce their very own VR and AR programs. Everybody are familiar with creating live-action VR and AR encounters.

Certainly one of their projects is perfect for Xcor. It’s a company that provides people flights into space. Pressure Field have been commissioned to have an interactive VR project. They’re tasked to produce a VR experience via a 5-minute hi-octane interactive ride to organize potential astronauts for that real experience. This is distributed around everyone this 2016.


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