Madden 17 Update Now Live, Patch Notes For 1.05 Update

Recent surveys demonstrate that EA Sports have lately released Madden 17 update 1.05. The update has become readily available for download for Xbox One and PS4. However, bear in mind the update dimensions are quite large.

The update size for PS4 is 5GB as the Xbox The first is at 4.7GB. For that meantime, we’ll cover the patch notes below. The brand new Madden 17 update certainly features a lots of of changes.


  • Automatic Subs in MUT Solo Challenges are actually working correctly.
  • Game speed has become set to default for those difficulties like Pro and Rookie.
  • The restart button has become surfacing when failing a Solo Challenge
  • Fixed the problem in which the Unopened Packs tile would seem zero whether or not the players had already packs unopened.
  • Fixed the problem concerning the disappearance of filters in Ah
  • Art Chemistry Modifications which might also imply a bigger image
  • Improvement from the MUT substitution screen interface.

GENERAL Game play

  • Made the interceptions more frequent because the nearby player penalty happen to be decreased for defender interceptions.
  • Precision Range for Kick-Meter continues to be elevated on All-Madden & All-Pro
  • Adaptive AI & Tuning to Linebacker fake out chances versus counter play to make the defensive reaction better
  • Tweaked to WR/DB positioning within streak routes
  • Fixed the problem in which the user is the inability to change players in co-op.
  • Fixed the problem in which the players are holding kick button to be able to have a delay penalty and re-kicking
  • Fixed the problem in which the Ice the Kicker is structural in certain situations.
  • Nano-recognition Product is now disabled in User versus CPU matches
  • Improvement from the Nano-recognition System
  • Fixed numerous issues on fatigue auto technician.
  • Stretch zone runs versus Defensive tuning
  • Fixed numerous unusual Special Teams issues
  • Fixed the problem where QB is not able to tackle after an interception throw
  • Fixed the problem in which the clock is drained throughout a defensive penalty
  • Fixed the exploit on Strip-Ball
  • Couple of tuning fixes during defensive run-game
  • Tweaked the car-Damaged Tackles to really make it more uncommon
  • Fixes in camera for Player-Lock
  • Auto-Moves are actually disabled for each MUT Solo Challenges


  • Added the purpose so that you can resume & save games for Cloud Franchise
  • Standard camera has become set to default in Mind to mind games
  • Fixed the problem in which the players on IR were counting from the active roster
  • Strategy suggestions inside the play call will track several concepts
  • Tuned the opting for it on fourth downs inside the Take part in the Moments
  • Highlights menu has become functional whenever a game from simmed play is going to finish.
  • Different penalty traits has become readily available for Draft Classes
  • Menus will display the Punter Stats
  • Take part in the Moments fatigue are actually adjusted

You should understand that more patches is going to be coming. In addition, the football months are presently being transported out. Stay tuned in at TheBitBag for additional approaching Madden 17 update.

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